Booze Infused Jerky Combo

A true head turner, this combo features 4 of our alcohol-based marinades. It's for the adventurous and for those who love to give kick-ass gifts!

1 - - Chipotle Bourbon Beef Jerky
1 - - Whiskey BBQ Beef Jerky
1 - Bricktown Jerky - Red Wine Beef Jerky
1 - Bricktown Jerky - Whiskey Beef Jerky

  • Super Unique Gift Idea!
  • 4 Flavors of Alcohol-based Beef Jerky

Want to make it better?

Soft and Tender Style Beef Jerky - Tequila Lime by Bricktown Jerky

Soft and Tender Style Beef Jerky - Tequila Lime

3 oz. $7.99
$4.95 Flat Rate Shipping Quick Easy Returns Price Match Guarantee


*All gifts and variety combos are open to our Substitution Policy (click for details)


1 - - Chipotle Bourbon Beef Jerky - 3 oz.
1 - - Whiskey BBQ Beef Jerky - 3 oz
1 - Bricktown Jerky - Soft & Tender Whiskey Beef Jerky - 3 oz.

1 - Bricktown Jerky - Soft & Tender Red Wine Beef Jerky - 3 oz.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Texture: 4
Flavor Description: 4
Love It!!

I myself like the tenderness of the Jerky I am not a huge fan of the kind that makes your jaw tired from chewing.

Texture: 2
Flavor Description: 4
A taste bud explosive!

what can I say ... DELISH !!!!!

Thanks for the feedback! Our goal is to help you find a jerky that you, this feedback greatly helps us point you in a direction. If you like the tougher, drier kind of jerky, our Oklahoma Jerky Company jerky will be right up your alley! Find it here: Or...try our Tougher-to-Chew combo. You get 4 different flavors and save a little bit of money buying it in our Combo packs! Find that here: Again, thanks for the feedback. I hope our suggestions are helpful in finding a jerky you love!
Texture: 5
Flavor Description: 5
Red wine

Very sweet at first then as you chew becomes more savory.

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