Gift Giving Guide

Giving gifts can sometimes be difficult. You may have to get a gift for someone who is tough to buy for, someone who “has everything” or someone who can be tough to impress. By following a few simple rules, you will be sure to hit a home run this year.

1. Be Unique – Show your recipient that you put some thought into your gift by not giving the obvious choices in gifts. We have all heard of the cliché tie for dad. Don't get the cliché gift. A good, unique gift is a gift that doesn't immediately come to mind when brainstorming gift ideas, but instead, when it's given makes other people say “why didn't I think of that!”. Gourmet Food items are perfect for these kinds of reactions. Everybody likes good food...right??? The only thing you have to do is match up a good, gourmet product with your gift recipient. Bacon, Wine, even Gourmet Candies are great choices for many people...and of course, Jerky is perfect for almost any man or any group of people (if you are sending corporate gifts). Good jerky is hard to find (locally) and a great selection is even harder to find. Fortunately, has you covered there. With unique jerky products like beef jerky, turkey jerky, venison jerky, buffalo jerky, elk jerky, kangaroo jerky and much much more. We definitely have a selection to impress any person or group of people. Also, we have put together combo packs and jerky gift packages so you don't even have to think about putting together a selection piece-by-piece. We have you covered.

2. Presentation, Presentation, Presentation – No matter what you choose to give, how you give it matters. The presentation of your gift is 80% of its overall impact. It can make an otherwise boring gift a memorable, thoughtful gift. The difference between a pile of loosely assembled items and a coherent, well-thought-out package. has many custom built gift bags and gift boxes that are guaranteed to impress, plus they are filled with unique gifts that even Ebenezer Scrooge would be thrilled to receive. Check them out here.

3. Timing is everything – Gifts that split the delivery of multiple items across several months, like the Jerky of the Month Club, is a thoughtful gift to give with a unique presentation. Our Jerky of the Month Subscription spread out the contents of the gift but also spread out the joy of receiving the gift. Every month your recipient will enjoy a different selection of jerky flavors. Choose from a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month membership (if they're on your nice list). The Jerky of the Month subscription comes with a downloadable gift card which explains how the subscription works and tells your recipient to look to their mailbox for their first bag to arrive! This makes it the best last-minute gift idea on Earth...literally, last-minute. This allows you to purchase a subscription, only minutes before you walk out to go to a party, print off our gift card and give what may be one of the coolest gifts at the party! Giving Corporate Gifts or sending gifts to your clients, customers or suppliers? does custom gift packages for everybody. Whether you are sending to one recipient or a thousand recipients, we can help you get the right package at the right price that is guaranteed to impress your recipients.

4. Needing more? Build your own Custom Jerky Gift! - Sure, we have a wide selection of gifts at every price point...but what if you have special needs for your gift? What if you want something a little more specific? No problem, we have you covered. Now, with our new Build Your Own Jerky Gift products, you can pick a container and what kind of jerky goes in it! Want a Jerky Gift with only Beef Jerky in it?  No problem!  Want a Jerky Gift with no Beef Jerky only Exotic Jerky?  No problem! There is a ton of different ways you can build these things. If you can't build the gift you want to give here at better just give them cash! Build your Jerky Gift now!

Get more information at our Corporate Gift Baskets page or please call us at 1-877-975-3759 with any requests and we will take care of all of your gift giving needs!