Jerky of the Month Clubs - Free Shipping Every Month

We will ship a bag of jerky every month for however many months you select for your recipient. We will ship the first bag out the 1st full week of the following month unless you specify otherwise using the calendar tool on the product page. Your recipient can then look forward to a new shipment of the World's Best Jerky during the first half of each month! Who wouldn't love that???

The original and famous Jerky of the Month has a wide range of jerky products including Beef, Turkey, Pork, Buffalo, Venison, Buffalo and more! You are guaranteed to make an impression with it. Looking for JUST beef Jerky to be delivered? Check out our Beef Jerky of the Month. Want something more memorable than Beef Jerky? You'll want our Exotic Jerky of the Month. Regardless of which you choose, you are guaranteed a winner!

Select a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month Jerky of the Month Club membership and wait for our delicious jerky to come to you. It's not only a perfect last minute gift idea, it's fresh and it keeps them guessing!