Jerky Buying Guide

I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn't tell you about the other products that we are famous for, JERKY! With over 100 different kinds of jerky (no two of them alike), our goal is to help everyone find the jerky that is perfect for them. This Jerky Buying Guide will help navigate through our selection to narrow down your choices.

TEXTURE - Believe it or not, there are several different kinds of styles of jerky that can make or break your experience with a new jerky product. If there is a style that our customers are looking for, we want to have it. While most of our customers have no real preference on jerky styles and will eat any kind of jerky, some of our customers are looking for something a little more specific. For example, some customers prefer a tougher, drier jerky while other customers prefer a soft & tender jerky. With the widest selection of jerky anywhere, one of our biggest challenges is properly matching up our customers to the jerky that is right for them. So, we put together a short list of preferences that are most common with our customers to help get you going in the right direction to find the perfect jerky for you. There are 4 most commonly asked for styles of Jerky: Old-Fashioned, Traditional, Soft & Tender and Meat Sticks. If none of this rings a bell with you...DON’T WORRY! Let me explain them to you!

Old Fashioned Style Jerky - Some people want their jerky to be as hard and as dry as it can be! “I want to have to chew on it for a while!” is commonly heard from these kinds of customers. If that is what you are looking for...we have JUST the product for you:

The Oklahoma Jerky Company makes an old-fashioned style of jerky just like the cowboys used to eat! It is available in six no-nonsense flavors: Hickory, Hot, Peppered, Teriyaki, Fajita, & our new Pork Chop jerky! The Pork Chop jerky is made by slicing pork loin and marinating it in apple juice, garlic, and onion and then dehydrating it to perfection. Give it a try for something different. It’s a good one!

Traditional Jerky - This is more of a middle-of-the-road texture style of jerky. This seems to be the single-most widest appealing style of jerky. It’s not too tough and it's not too soft. Our two most popular Traditional Style Jerky is:

  • World Famous, Small-Batch Beef Jerky - this is hands down, our best-selling jerky ever! It is available in over 15 different flavors, including, Original, Hickory, Black Pepper, Sweet & Spicy, Hot, Habanero and Ghost Pepper!

  • Bricktown Traditional Style Jerky - This jerky is slightly thicker cut but surprisingly isn’t tough to chew. This is available in 4 flavors: Original, Peppered, Teriyaki and Hot. 

Soft & Tender Jerky - This type of jerky is generally not as dry as Traditional Jerky and it chews very easily. This is a more modern take on a traditional snack but it has quite the following! What makes it ‘Soft & Tender’ varies from product-to-product. It could be a different cut of meat, it could be tenderized after the slicing process, or it could be dried so it has more moisture left in it to make it more tender...or a combination of any of these things! Regardless of how, Soft & Tender Jerky is NOT the kind of jerky that you have to cut, chew and rip your way through it like other jerky products. It’s simply easier to chew and enjoy. Our two most popular Soft & Tender Jerky products are:

  • Brand Soft & Tender Beef Jerky - which is available in Sweet & Spicy, Honey Teriyaki, and our brand new Raspberry Jalapeno! This is our best selling Soft & Tender Jerky, ever!
  • Bricktown Soft & Tender Style Beef Jerky, which is available in a whopping 14 flavors! Including our 5 classic flavors: Original, Teriyaki, Honey Pepper (SO good!), Sweet BBQ, and Spicy (Also available in Pork Jerky and Turkey Jerky)! This is a very popular variety with mucho bang-for-your-buck!

FLAVORS - Many of our customers have absolutely no texture preferences. Any kind of dried meat is good for them...the only things they look for are in a jerky are particular flavor profile types. There are 4 main categories of flavors that our customers consistently ask for: Basic, Sweet, Savory and Hot.

Basic Flavors - Some customers come in and say something like “I just want a good, basic jerky with a good meat flavor.” These are the flavors that we recommend for this type of preference:

Original - When we do an “original” flavor, we try to make the end result be more about the flavor of the meat rather than covering it up with complex flavor profiles and layers of ingredients. Our Hickory and Black Pepper flavor profiles are also a hit with these “no-frills flavors” types of jerky lovers. Give them a try, too! Our three best selling Original flavors are: Original Beef - All Natural, NO preservatives...this is our number 1 seller out of over 100 flavors! This is also available in our new 1 pound bags for Maximum Savings!. The people who like the Original Beef also like the Hickory and Black Pepper flavors.

Bricktown Jerky - Soft & Tender Original Beef Jerky - This is out of our Soft & Tender line and it’s a wide-appealing jerky. We also now offer this in a 1 pound bag which is the best value per ounce.

Oklahoma Jerky Company Hickory Beef Jerky - This is an Old-Fashioned Style Jerky that's harder, drier and takes some chew...if that’s your thing. We also offer this Jerky in a Peppered flavor. Try them both!

Sweet Flavors - Many of our customers prefer the mix of sweetness with their meat. It’s a very popular combination with a very wide appeal. Here are some of our best-selling sweet flavors:

Bricktown Jerky Honey Pepper Beef Jerky - Out of over 100 different jerky products, this is in our top 3 best sellers. The honey gives a naturally sweet flavor to it while the cracked black pepper gives it a fair amount of ‘bite’. It’s not spicy at all...the pepper just gives it a good contrasting flavor with the honey. Get it in the big one pound bags for the best value! Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky - Sweet & Spicy is a staple flavor in the Beef Jerky World. Ours has just enough heat to enjoy but not enough to scare you off! Since this is our best-sellers list, we also offer this in a big one pound bag. A couple other flavors in this line to consider: Teriyaki (also in one pound bags) and our new Honey Sriracha Beef Jerky...which is our new take on ‘Sweet & Spicy’. You get the sweetness from the honey and the kick from the Sriracha.

Savory Flavors - Another flavor profile that people look for is what we call ‘Savory Flavors’. These people are looking for bold flavors...but without the sweet and not too spicy. The savory flavors are where we point them. These are usually made with dry herbs, spices, and seasonings...and give a good, complimentary flavor to the meat. Some of our best-selling savory flavors are:

Cajun Boil Beef Jerky - This jerky is made with Old Bay Seasoning...the stuff they use when you boil shrimp or crab’s an awesome all-purpose seasoning! Give it a try!

Garlic Ginger Beef Jerky - This is high up on our list of the Staff Favorites. The Garlic Ginger has a very subtle ginger flavor to it to balance out the garlic. It’s an awesome combination of flavors that has a very passionate following within our customer base. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

Montreal Style Beef Jerky - Made with the popular Montreal Steak Seasoning, this is a jerky for steak lovers and people who enjoy a bold, flavorful jerky.

Hot flavors - Many of our customers enjoy heat on their jerky. Fortunately for heat lovers, we offer a wide range of products with different levels of heat. From our traditional Hot all the way up to Carolina Reaper (the hottest pepper on Earth! Google it!), we have something for everyone. For a full listing of our Hot Jerky flavors, click here. Otherwise, some of our notable hot flavors are:

Hot Beef Jerky

MEAT STICKS - We think of Meat Sticks as a different category than Jerky, but some people refer to them as jerky. If you are looking for Meat Sticks, here is our best selling kind: 

Lil Thunder Beef Sticks - Everybody is familiar with the Slim Jim brand of meat sticks that is available at every gas station and grocery store. Well, the next time you see them, look at the ingredients, one of the first ingredients listed is "Mechanically Separated Chicken Parts". Do you know what that is? It's every part of the chicken they can't sell, ground up into a sludge-like paste.and then injected into a casing. THAT's what you are eating when you eat those! Our Lil' Thunder Sticks are made with 100% beef (beef and pork for the Pepperoni flavor) and that's it! It is night and day compared to those other sticks. Try them out! Available in 3 flavors: Original, Hot and Pepperoni and we have them in 3 different sizes for your convenience or to bulk up on and save big! If you like meat sticks like HAVE to try these. They are the best on the market, hands down.