Last Minute Gift Ideas

We have all been there. Regardless of how you got here, you need to have a gift to give faster than you can order something and wait for it to be delivered...even with Next Day Air delivery. And the more you think about it, the more frustrated you become. You don't have time to lose your composure now. To make matters worse, you insist on giving a gift that doesn't look like it was a last-minute, after-thought that you picked up at some convenience store on your way to the party. You are pretty much in an impossible situation, right??? WRONG!

The Jerky of the Month Club is a perfect last minute gift for your conundrum.


 1. It's completely unique. Is it not? Does your recipient really expect to be receiving the gift of a bag of awesome jerky in their mailbox month after month? Probably not.

 2. Our Jerky of the Month subscriptions come with a downloadable gift card. Not only does it explain exactly what the Jerky of the Month Club is and how it works but (and this is important...) it also provides you with ever for your gift giving procrastinating ways. When you present them with the Jerky of the Month card, it makes perfect sense...the whole point is that the jerky is MAILED TO THEM! Genius, right?

 3. ...and not to be cliche-ish, but it is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will they think that your gift was one of the coolest gifts they got all year but every single month they receive it, they will be reminded of your cleverness. Therefore, the longer the subscription you give...the more clever they think you are (hint, hint). So, there you have it! just bailed you out of the biggest problem you've had all day. You should know by now you can count on us. Now quit messing around and get your Jerky of the Month Gift now!