Pro Model Plus Jerky Gun

Pro Model Plus Jerky Gun

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Pro Model Plus Jerky Gun

Pro Model Plus Jerky Gun

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The ultimate tool for pro jerky makers, it's a must have in any kitchen.
  • QUALITY - each 15" barrel is made from anodized aluminum, this makes the material corrosion resistant and durable, this is the ideal construction for an everyday kitchen tool. This is a no-nonsense design that comes unbranded and without stickers and logos. The nozzles are stainless steel and the contoured jerky grip handle ensures comfort on each squeeze. This is truly a 'buy it for life' purchase, whether you're a jerky amateur or a seasoned pro with meat processing experience.
  • BATCH SIZE - our largest capacity gun! Each aluminum barrel holds almost 1.5 lbs of ground meat...and this comes with TWO of them making it ideal for the biggest batches of jerky!
  • EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN - A simple product calls for a simple design and that starts with our easy-load barrel with tons of capacity. The pusher rod glides back and forth and the food-grade pusher is safe for any meat. The set includes a strong barrel brush and a nozzle cleaning brush (yes, we thought of everything) and all parts can be disassembled in seconds, giving you access to every nook for easy cleaning.
  • PRO TIP - soak the barrel, nozzle, and fasteners in soapy water after each batch
  • VERSATILE - With four interchangeable nozzles and two barrels on hand, making jerky at home is finally efficient and not super labor intensive. You can prep each barrel with different recipes and switching between round and flat sticks literally takes 5 seconds. To double your efficiency, just switch to the double nozzle, that's twice the jerky with the same amount of effort. That's the beauty of a modular design.
  • VALUE, VALUE, VALUE - Our best-selling 10" Jerky Slicing Knife, which can be found on Amazon, is included and it's basically free. It's widely considered the very best jerky knife on the market and for good reason. PRO TIP - if you don't plan to use the knife, gift it, it's a $25 value after all!
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Product Details

Making jerky like the pros just got easier. Our modular 15" anodized aluminum barrel jerky gun is corrosion resistant and is ultra durable because it was designed with everyday use in mind. The ground meat capacity is a whopping 1.3 pounds, which yields close to 3/4 of a pound of delicious meat sticks in every tube.

We understand your jerky making needs so this set includes not one, but two stainless steel nozzles to give you flexibility. The easy-to-clean flat nozzle, perfect for chopped and formed flat jerky, is 1 3/16"x 3/16" and the easy-to-clean rounded nozzle which is 1/2" in diameter are perfectly interchangeable. Both attach and detach in seconds with a half turn of the retaining ring, even a kid can do it. As for the piston, that's quality too, it's molded from heavy-duty plastic with a stainless steel rod and a plastic coated steel handle.

Does it clean easily? Absolutely. Cleaning the nooks and crannies is also a breeze with our 10" long nylon brush with braided wire handle and easy to reach hiding spots.

The Pro Model Jerky Gun has been designed to be modular. The nozzles and the tubes have been designed to be assembled, disassembled, and interchanged to provide you with the most flexibility during use as well as for cleaning purposes.

As if ALL of that wasn't enough, you'll also receive our Professional 10" Meat Cutting Knife - the Ultimate 100% Steel Slicing Knife, a $25 value on its own. This 10" long, 100% quality steel custom knife is highlighted by a dimpled blade design for easy food release and smoother cuts. We also took into consideration the ergonomics of the overall design. The triple riveted comfort-fit handle and balance of the jerky knife are ideal for consistent cuts and less effort during each batch of jerky. Find it on Amazon and see the value for yourself. It makes you one step closer to having the total jerky making equipment set. If that doesn't scream 'cool gift' then I don't know what does!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matthew M. (Cullowhee)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Expected
Heat Level: Medium
Excellent Piece of Equipment!

I haven't made jerky in a long time, but I still had my old K-Tel (Remember them?) 5-tray heated dehydrator tucked away. Our two dogs are very finicky, but last year my wife tried some high-falutin' turkey jerky treats with them and they went beserk for them, But at a price twice what people jerky goes for, well, it was just a little much. SO i dug out my old dehydrator and hand formed a bunch of ground turkey and the dogs loved my version too.

Well, It is a pain in the posterior to form ground turkey strips by hand...

I did some research, asked some questions, and went with this unit for several reasons. The two main reasons are that the tube and extruder nozzles are metal, not plastic, and this is MADE IN USA.

The dogs still had a fair amount of my other turkey strips in the jar, so I made a batch of turkey jerky for myself - strictly for research and practice, of course! Before this, I had always made cut-strip beef jerky, so this little dog-treat stuff was my first foray into a ground-base jerky. Let me tell you, a jerky shooter is THE WAY TO GO! If you have never used one before, think of it as a caulking gun for meat.

This unit was very easy to control, the release button is very easy to manipulate at the end of each strip so that you don't keep dispensing, and it just feels solid in the hand. I have found that using a small paring knife to cleanly separate the meat from the end of the nozzle at the end of each strip is helpful - it makes for a neater strip end, both at the start and end of each strip. Having two tubes to pre-fill and swap speeds up the process, too, although with the size of my dehydrator, I don't fill up the tubes all the way - i would have to make the strips much thicker to fit two full tubes on the number of dehydrator trays I have with my unit.

ANYWAY. . . Mrs. just told me that the dog treats are almost gone, And I finished up my "experimental" batch in about 3 days (3lbs starting weight). The dogs' batch just gets a little iodized salt mixed in for preservation purposes and basic flavor enhancement. I mixed my match up with about a heaping teaspoon of Montreal Steak Seasoning and a couple shakes of paprika (Good Hungarian Smoked Paprika!).

This is definitely a worthwhile purchase - I figure that I need to make 6 more batches of doggie treats to amortize the cost of this shooter kit vs. buying the hoity-toity dog treats (at least that is how I persuaded MRS. to let me get it LOL!!!). Don't waste your time with plastic.

(BTW - I just picked the rest of the choices below for how my jerky came out. The selectors are for jerky purchased from, and I did not buy jerky, just the jerky shooter...)

Kristopher W. (The Bronx)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Expected
Heat Level: Mild
Pro model Jerky Gun

I ran my first 5 pounds of meat through it the second day I had it. The double strip head made it so quick to lay out on sheets. I was done within an hour from blending ground meat too in the smoker. I haven’t attempted cutting any strips with the jerky knife but tested it on my arm hair and it is SHARP. The brushes to clean the heads and barrel made for fast clean up. Only single pet peeve I have is the double strip bread is permanently attached to its coupler and having a beveled end internally and not flush like the others ground meat squeezed into it and was a large hassle to get it all cleaned out. Have not yet tried making snack sticks with casings but I’m sure it will be very smooth operating. I would definitely recommend.

I am glad to hear that you loved the Jerky Gun! I am sorry you ran into an issue with it, and we will defiantly get that information passed on! Happy snacking.

Alisa J. (Eugene)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Expected
Heat Level: Mild
Great product

I actually ordered this for my husband for his birthday. He had gotten one from Cabelas last year and it broke during the first use. This one is built so much better, my husband is SO happy with it. Thank you!


YAY! We are so glad that you found us and were willing to give us a shot. We hope that the jerky gun makes his jerky making easier. Feel free to use some of the free recipes we have on our website too :)

Mike (Topeka)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Bold
Heat Level: Hot
son of a gun

very well built.

Dyneshia O.
Texture: 4
Flavor Description: 3
Excellent equipment

Love this πŸ’• Could make multiple batches of jerky with different flavors πŸ˜‹

Hey Dyneshia,

We are so glad you are learning to make jerky like a pro. Let us know if you ever have any questions and feel free to check out some of the recipes we have in the link below :)