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K.B. (North Augusta)
Texture: Very Tough
Flavor Description: Bold
Heat Level: Mild
Best jerky EVER!

If I could get this for free, I'd constantly eat it forever. This jerky had the best flavor and texture I could ever want in beef jerky. I love the tough, chewy kind of jerky, not that soft stuff. And the flavor was like it was homemade, not factory made in bulk, with some template recipe. It didn't taste like preservatives or chemicals, either. I just wish it wasn't so expensive so that I could buy lots more of it. People like me, on fixed incomes, find it hard to buy nice things as they're typically out of our budget. I can't express how amazing both flavors (the peppered and hickory smoked original) were. In all honesty, next month I'll be buying more!

KayLeigh B. (Coffeyville)
Texture: Soft
Flavor Description: Bold
Heat Level: Mild

We loved the jerky we received! It was so soft and tender and had great flavors! Shipping was very fast also! The only down side, it didn’t last long enough!

S.M. (South Hadley)
Texture: 4
Flavor Description: 4
Tender and Smokey Deliciousness

I got the “I won’t share so don’t even ask” 2.5oz soft and tender style teriyaki jerky. The Teryaki flavor is pretty standard, but then you get hit with the most delicious Smokey aftertaste. One of the best things I’ve put in and around my mouth. I purchased a few other “don’t even make eye contact with my jerky” flavors also, I’ll review once tried. Thanks for the meat.

Yolonda R. (Charleston)
Texture: Soft
Flavor Description: Bold
Heat Level: Medium
Good Jerky

Loved the Honey Teriyaki, loved the flavor and texture, my husband like the Bourbon flavor.

J.E. (Beloit)
Texture: 5
Flavor Description: 3
Honey Pepper Tender jerky

The flavors of honey and pepper come through in the perfect amount. The meat is extremely tender!