Jerky Buying Guide - Flavor Type

There are many reasons that people love jerky...and Flavor is at the top of the list.  Some jerky lovers will literally eat ANY flavor that is put in front of them, other people have specific tastes and flavors that they are looking for.  We have listened to all of our customer's requests over the years and it seems almost all of the requests that we get can be put into the following buckets:

No Frills Flavors - We get a lot of requests for flavors that aren't very complex or over-powering...they want the main flavor of the jerky to be the meat that it is made with, not much more.  This can include a wide range of flavor names: mild, original or hickory to name a few.  If this is the flavor profile you are looking for...check out our products with a No Frills flavor HERE.

Savory Flavors - Another popular flavor request is for anything.  If these types of flavors sound appealing to you, check out our growing list of savory flavored jerky products HERE.

Sweet Flavors - Sweet flavor profiles have been popular ever since jerky came to the mainstream...and it's no real surprise.  There is something about the combination of a sweet flavor on meat...think BBQ sauce on freshly grilled meat or even maple syrup on bacon or sausage at breakfast.  Those are pretty magical combinations of flavors. has a long list of jerky products that have a sweet side to them, check them out HERE.

Hot Flavors - This is it...the most requested flavor profile we have - HOT!  Some people want it with a "little kick" while others ask for the hottest flavors we have.  We rate each of our hot flavor profiles on our Heat Scale (our Heat Scale goes to 10), higher numbers equal more heat.  Look for our Heat Scale Rating on our Hot Jerky products HERE and find the right jerky for your tastes.

I'm not particular...suggest me your favorite flavors! Some people are not picky and are open for suggestions.  For these people, we put together a list of our Staff Favorite Flavors.  These are the products that 'we' go to when we are snacking or want to take with us when we are heading out on a road trip.  If you are open to our suggestions...check our out list of Staff Favorite Flavors.  I trust us, don't you?  DON'T YOU??!