Hot Jerky Flavors

In our quest to help all of our customers find the right jerky for them, one of the more common requests that we get are for "spicy" or "hot" jerky types. Fortunately, if you are looking for a hot or spicy type of jerky, you will not find a better selection to choose from anywhere in the World...period! 

Since "Spicy" and "Hot" are subjective terms and different people have different tolerances and preferences of can be tricky to steer people into the perfect jerky for their tastes in one shot. However, we have had pretty good results by thinking about our hot flavor profiles in one of two different categories:more flavor with a little heat OR a lot of heat with flavor.  These seem to be the two camps that people tend to fall into if they like Hot Jerky. Now, obviously this is a subjective scale and there is not a rigidly defined way to scale these...but, hopefully this scale will help you by giving you some context to base your decisions on.  Also, we have a Heat Scale that we rate our products with heat on. This scale is from 1-10, 10 being the hottest.  For the most part, products under a 5 have little to no heat...any 'bite' that they have are from black pepper.  Around a 5 is where the heat starts to creep in.  An example of how you will see our heat scale on a product is 4-5/10, meaning "four to five out of ten".


Products that we consider to be "Flavor with a little heat" are: Chipotle Bourbon Beef Jerky (5-6/10) Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky (5-6/10) Honey Sriracha Beef Jerky (5-6/10) Sriracha Beef Jerky (5-6/10) Jalapeno Beef Jerky (5-6/10)

Bricktown Soft & Tender Spicy Beef Jerky (5-6/10)

Bricktown Soft & Tender Sweet Picante Beef Jerky (5-6/10)

Bricktown Soft & Tender Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky (5-6/10)


Products that we consider to be "Heat with good flavor" are:

Bricktown Soft & Tender Hot Jalapeno Beef Jerky (6-7/10)

Bricktown Soft & Tender Hot Habanero Beef Jerky (6-7/10)

Oklahoma Jerky Company Hot Beef Jerky (7-8/10) Hot Beef Jerky (6-7/10) Habanero Beef Jerky (7-8/10) Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky (8-9/10) Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky (10/10) Hot Turkey Jerky (6-7/10) Hot Venison Jerky (6-7/10) Hot Elk Jerky (6-7/10) Hot Buffalo Jerky (6-7/10)