Gift Containers Built In-House

Giving a gift is serious business, is it not? We think so. If you (the gift giver) are going to take the time and money to put a gift together for someone, you want it to make an impression. Right? We understand how important this is so we put alot of effort into the presentation of our gift packages...down to the details, including hand-written gift cards and custom-built gift containers. When we first designed our gift packages, we had a choice: use off-the-shelf containers that offer little value other than simply "containing" our tasty jerky and meat snacks or custom build something that says "I spared no effort in making this gift for you". We chose the latter. Sure, our accountant complains to us a couple of times a year with input like "I would suggest that you guys find some other containers to use for your gift packages. Something with a lower cost and less time consuming...". But at the end of the day, we feel the presentation is something that we are not willing to sacrifice in the name of higher profit margins. So, if you are looking for a wicker basket or some other "me-too" type of container, you'll have to go elsewhere. There are tons of places ready to sell you one of those. But, if you are looking for something truly hand-crafted and will make a lasting impression on your gift recipient, you are in the right place! gets alot of questions asking us about our unique looking gift packages. We thought we would take a moment and actually step you through our process. Hopefully, this will answer some questions and help you understand why our gift packages say so much more than most. One of our best selling gift packages is the [Greatest Picks Jerky Gift Basket](/products/greatest-picks-beef-jerky-gift-basket "Greatest Picks Jerky Gift Basket"). This basket features many different kinds and flavors of jerky in a custom made wooden crate. This is how we make the crate! The first thing we do, when we know the size of the package, is to come up with our cut sheet. This box consists of a 10" x 9" piece of plywood to be the bottom of the box. We will also need 4 pieces of cedar to wrap around the perimeter of the plywood which will make a 5 sided box. We have this box all pre-measured and the cuts are ready to go. Now, all we have to do is put them together! Step 1 - We get all of our pieces pre-cut and ready to assemble. Here is the plywood bottom and the 4 cedar sides. ![Step 1 - Building Gift Boxes]( "Step 1 - Building Gift Boxes") Step 2 - Now that all of the pieces are pre-cut, we can put them together using wood glue and nails. ![Step 2 - Building Gift Boxes]( "Step 2 - Building Gift Boxes") Step 3 - Here you can see the box in it's assembled form. Our design has two of the ends overlapping the other two ends to give it a "crate" type appearance rather than just a square box. ![Step 3 - Building Gift Boxes]( "Step 3 - Building Gift Boxes") Step 4 - The next step is to take our assembled gift box to the router table and use a chamfer bit to knock the sharp corners down with a 45 degree edge around the outside perimeters of the box. ![Step 4 - Building Gift Boxes]( "Step 4 - Building Gift Boxes") You can see in this photo how the routering process really softens up the edges (both physically and aesthetically) and gives the box a more refined look. ![Step 5 - Building Gift Boxes]( "Step 5 - Building Gift Boxes") Here the box is done being built. All thats left for us to do now is to put our brand on it...literally! ![Step 6 - Building Gift Boxes]( "Step 6 - Building Gift Boxes") We have a custom-made electric branding iron with our logo on it (everybody needs one of these!) We let this thing heat up for a while and press it into one side of the box... ![Step 7 - Building Gift Boxes]( "Step 7 - Building Gift Boxes") ...and Voila! A custom-made, Gift Box read to be filled with tasty meat and shipped to some lucky gift recipient! ![Step 8 - Building Gift Boxes]( "Step 8 - Building Gift Boxes") We hope this helps explain (at least a little bit) why our gift boxes are so much better than most companies. We don't source this stuff out and we definitely don't look for the cheapest and easiest way to do it...We look for the best way to do it. has blood, sweat and tears into our gift packages. Not in the weird, creepy way but in a cool, hard-working kind of way. You know what we mean. :) Send one of our [Custom Made Gift Baskets]( "Custom Made Gift Baskets") the next time you want to make an impression on someone that will last!