Meat Slicing Board Kit - Make Jerky Like the Pros

Cut every single slice exactly the same with our Meat Slicing Board Kit! Ensure consistent batches of jerky by using this slicing method to give you uniform thickness on every slice of meat. This kit includes everything you need to start slicing meat immediately. This is the perfect addition to any jerky maker's toolbox. Get one today and get well on your way to being a jerky making pro! Includes: 10" Professional Meat Slicing Knife Bamboo Slicing/Cutting Board Bamboo Push Stick 1/8" HDPE Slicing Spacer (reduces slices to 5/16") 1/16" HDPE Slicing Spacer (reduces slices to 1/4") anti-slip mat 2 oz. Food Grade Mineral Oil

  • Slice meat into jerky perfectly...everytime!
  • 100% solid bamboo cutting board
  • Selectable meat slicing thickness (3/16", 1/4", 5/16")

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Slicing the meat is an often overlooked, important step to making good, consistent beef jerky. Making jerky out of pieces of meat with varying thicknesses makes for some pieces being drier than others. Our Bamboo Slicing Board is made to give you consistent results slice after slice, reducing the waste on each jerky batch making each piece of jerky as good as the next. Master meat slicing and you are one step closer to being a jerky making master! With proper care of your Bamboo Slicing Board, it will be in your tool box for many, many years!

Included in this kit:
1 - 3oz. Food Grade Mineral Oil
1 - Bamboo Slicing Board
1 - 10' Stainless Steel Professional Cutting Knife
1 - 1/8" Depth Insert
1 - 1/16" Depth Insert
1 - Bamboo Safety Push Board
1 - Non-slip Mat

Step 1 - Cleaning your bamboo slicing board

First things first, clean your bamboo slicing board by using hot water and soap, or a dilution of bleach and water (1 tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water). Make a habit of wiping dry your bamboo board after washing. Never let your bamboo slicing board soak in water and never place it in the dishwasher. This will lead to the wood warping and cracking.

Step 2 - Seasoning your bamboo slicing board

Season your bamboo slicing board with our food grade mineral oil. Oiling a cutting board helps fend off odors and stains and seals it to keep it from cracking. It also makes it easier to wash.

The first time you season your board, aim to really saturate it. You can use a dish towel, gloves, or even your bare hands. Pour a generous amount of mineral oil onto the board and rub it into all sides and grooves of the cutting board. Once you've applied your first layer, it may look like there's a thick oil slick on top of your board, but let your board rest until it's fully absorbed. When sealing your board for the first time, repeating the application of oil process about 2-3 times to ensure there are no thin areas or extra-thirsty spots.

After the initial seasoning, to maintain the oil in your board, simply apply a small layer of oil when the surface begins to wear thin.

To know when it's time to re-oil your board, simply sprinkle a few drops of water onto your board. If the board is properly seasoned, water will bead up on its surface. This is a good indication that nothing is going to penetrate the wood. Over time, its water-repellent properties will start to diminish and that's when it's time to apply another layer of oil.

Step 3 - Slicing your meat!

Place your cutting board onto the non-slip mat. The non-slip mat will provide a safe stationary foundation when slicing your meat. This will prevent your board from sliding all over your countertops.

Place your desired meat selection onto your cutting board. Using the Safety Push Board, gently apply pressure onto the meat to secure it in place and protect your hand from the slicing knife.

Place the blade of the 10 inch stainless steel slicing knife against the top of your cutting board, and glide it against the top of your cutting board while pushing and pulling the knife in a slicing motion. The top of the cutting board acts as a guide to ensure a level and uniform cut of meat.

Once the meat has been sliced, simply remove the slice of meat and repeat.

The slicing depth of the bamboo slicing board is set at 5/16 inch deep. For thinner slices of jerky, simply insert the 1/8 inch Depth Insert. This will provide a 3/16 inch slice of meat.

That's it! That's all there is to it! Now you can get to seasoning your meat and preparing it to be dried.If you need more information about making jerky or you need recipe help...visit us at

Why we choose to use bamboo:

Wood selection has always been the most important property of a slicing board. Traditional slicing boards have mostly been made of out of maple, walnut, or cherry. Having a dense wood is vital, as it keeps out water, which is where bacteria thrive. Bamboo resists retaining water. Due to bamboo properties of resisting water penetration, your bamboo slicing board will not warp or crack as easily as normal wood.

Even the hardest of maple will be scarred by a knife, this will leave pockets for moisture, food particles, and bacteria to accumulate. However, bamboo is often dense enough to resist knife scarring and naturally resists water penetration and letting bacteria find a place to form.

Bamboo also resists staining, which is often an issue with meats.

We also like bamboo because it's a highly renewable resource. Most people don't know that bamboo is technically a grass instead of a tree, which is appropriate due to the fact that it's one of the fastest growing plants on earth! In fact, a normal bamboo shoot can become fully mature within three to six years before it is cut for harvest. Whereas a maple tree can take over 30 years to fully mature and can live for over 150 years.

What if my bamboo board scratches?

If you unintentionally scratch your bamboo slicing board with your slicing knife - don't fret! Simply hand-sand your bamboo slicing board. We recommend a sandpaper with at least a 220-400 grit rating. The higher the grit number on a piece of sandpaper, the smoother the finish it will provide. Once you've sanded your board, wash it, followed by a towel dry, and then let it air-dry. Once it's completely dry, oil it to get it ready for your next use.

*Professional Tips!

- For ease of slicing, and ensuring uniform slices of meat, slightly chill your meat prior to slicing. We recommend placing the thawed meat in the fridge for approximately 1 hour prior to slicing. This will add firmness to the meat, which will make it easier to slice consistent slices without compromising any added slicing effort.

- You can flip the bamboo slicing board upside down and use the bottom as a cutting board! Using this side of the board, hold the safety push board and use the straight edge of it to cut your slabs into strips to make Jerky Strips!

- For a more tender-styled jerky, use our Butcher Gear 48 blade meat tenderizer on your slices of meat before you marinate them. The tenderizer will help break up the fibers of the meat and help the marinade soak in more to the meat!

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Great Kit!!!

This board works. I didn't know what to expect really. I make jerky a few times a year but probably not enough to get a electric meat slicer. This board works really slick and it doesnt take up much space at all. It makes even slices and its super simple to use. I dont always use the pusher much I usually use my hand but i guess i use it when the piece of meat gets really thin. I also use it as a ruler to cut the slices into strips too. But other than that its a good kit and easy to use.

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