Ostrich Jerky featured in W.W.E magazine

jerkycom wwe1 Ostrich Jerky featured in W.W.E magazine

Take a peek at this month’s W.W.E magazine (page 70) and you’ll find the Jerky.com brand Ostrich Jerky featured in the “body shop” portion of the issue. This section is dedicated to goods or services designed to get you in shape, eat better, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to Jerky, none are considered healthier than Ostrich, for many reasons. It contains more protein per ounce than skinless chicken breast, it’s lower in fat than lean turkey breast, and has more iron in it than beef. Jerky.com Ostrich Jerky yields a whopping 14 grams of protein per serving, contains 0 calories from fat, and provides you with 10% of your daily intake of Iron.

It’s no wonder Ostrich farms are popping up all over the place and Ostrich Jerky and meat is growing in popularity throughout the U.S. Wherever there is a demand, there is sure to be a supply, and right now Ostrich’s demand is higher than ever.

Besides the obvious nutritional value that Ostrich Jerky provides, it is often considered some of the best tasting jerky on the market. If you’re curious on where to find some then visit Jerky.com or visit the Ostrich Jerky recipes page and try it for yourself.

Feel free to come and share your thoughts or comments on Ostrich Jerky after you’ve tried it.

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