Matthew  - Herbes De Provence-Smokey Paprika-French Onion Beef Jerky

Herbes De Provence Smokey Paprika French Onion Beef Jerky Recipe

This flavor of beef jerky is a flavor that I believe could be extremely marketable! I’ve made various flavors that have been a bit odd before, like caramel apple jerky etc… Pleasing friends and co-workers with my unique jerky flavors just makes us ALL happy. They get free jerky, and I get the satisfaction that I’ve created something awesome for everyone. My humble dehydrator could never go large scale, and through financial embarrassment, I decided to work out this French Onion flavor as easily as possible to make and submit into this contest. Making jerky is something that I love to do in life. Perhaps the professionals at will love my recipe, as well as all of you. And perhaps, my financial embarrassment will one day become a thing of the past and we will ALL be happy while we eat great tasting beef jerky!
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