What are my options for Variety Combos?

So many types of jerky...so little time!

You find yourself looking for a variety of jerky.  Either you are a jerky-head and want to try a selection of new products in search of a new personal favorite OR you are looking to give a gift package to someone special.  We try to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.  Our Combos are assortments of different types of our best selling jerky products and our Gift Packages are assortments of jerky packaged in impressive gift containers.  Hopefully this distinction will help you find the perfect assortment fast!

Here's the short story.

Everybody has different wants and needs...no surprise there.  Here at Jerky.com, our challenge becomes trying to put together assortments to fit as many people's needs as possible while keeping your decision making process as easy as possible. So, we have taken a close look at all of the customer feedback and sales data since our inception in an effort to simply the process of finding the right combo to fit your needs. The most effective way to drill this decision down is with this simple question: "Am I buying a gift for someone else or am I buying something for myself?".

"Thanks again for the fast service and awesome presentation of my husband's gift. Your custom products are the coolest gifts for a guy I've ever seen!"

Why Make it Custom?


What is a "Combo"?
Quite simply, a "Combo" is an assortment of best selling jerky products without a gift container. Generally, people who are looking to buy an assortment of jerky products to find a new personal favorite, a Combo is the way to go. Of course, Combos also make great gifts...but if presentation is important in your gift giving, consider our Gift Packages.
What is a "Gift Package"?
A "Gift Package" is an assortment of best selling jerky products inside of a gift container. How well a gift presents to your recipient plays a big part in how lasting the impression of your gift will be. Because of this, we put a ton of time into the design and fabrication of our gift containers. If you are looking to buy something for yourself, you might not be interested in the gift container and therefore opt for a Combo.
What other unique gifts are available?
Still looking for something unique? We also have a Build Your Own Jerky Gift where you can build your own gift package. One of our best selling Jerky Gifts is our Jerky of the Month Club. A subscription to this will get a new bag of jerky shipped to your recipients mailbox every single month! Both of these are awesome gift ideas.

Now ask yourself "Who am I looking to buy for?"

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