Seasonal Exotic Jerky Products

What are "Seasonal Exotic" Jerky Products?

Long story short - They are products that can quickly and unexpectedly go out of stock due to supply issues of raw meat.  Do you want more details?  Read on!

One of the things that make unique, is the wide range of meat types that we offer our Gourmet Jerky in.  Many of our customers come to us to buy Beef Jerky that is better than what they can get locally...but after they try our other jerky products they often find a new favorite that is something other than beef.  We are proud of our selection and we are always looking to expand it.  Unfortunately, there are some innate challenges that come along with the territory.  And the biggest challenge is the laws of Supply and Demand.

We won't bore you with basic Economics 101 principles...but we can boil it down very easily to this point: Kangaroo meat isn't as easy for us to get ahold of as Beef!

With beef production being a big part of the U.S. Economy, we have countless options of places to get the high-quality beef that we use...and we have many great relationships with these suppliers.  If there is a hiccup in our usual supply chain, we can seamlessly transition to one of our other suppliers until the hiccup gets fixed. However, with the limited supply (and supply channels) of getting Kangaroo meat from Australia into the U.S. (we literally fly it in!), it can become not-so-uncommon for a hiccup in that process to cause us to not be able to get Kangaroo meat into our facility for months.  When this happens, we are limited only to the inventory that we have on hand and when that is gone, we can be out of stock for a while...and we don't know how long that can be.  Sometimes it is weeks...other times its months (and months and months!).  Unfortunately, this isn't just limited to Kangaroo...there are several products that have a track record of being relatively unstable on the supply side.  We call these "Seasonal Exotic" Jerky products.

Here is a list of our current Seasonal Exotic Jerky Products:

Alligator Jerky
Kangaroo Jerky
Salmon Jerky
Ostrich Jerky
Rainbow Trout Jerky

If any of these products are them while you can.  They have a track record of going out of stock and staying out of stock for weeks and/or months at a time.  It never fails, soon as something is out of stock, that's when people come out of the woodwork for it!  Otherwise, if the product you are looking for is a Seasonal Exotic Jerky and it is Out of Stock - please sign up for our Newsletter and you will be the first to know as soon as it's back in stock!

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