Jerky Buying Guide - Texture Type

Jerky Texture is one of the most under-emphasized characteristics of jerky yet it can single-handledly contribute to a bad jerky experience simply by not understanding it.  Let us explain with this little known fact: Jerky is made using different methods that yield different texture results.  Some jerky products are very hard and dry while other products are very soft and tender (and varying degrees in between).

For example, here is a real life situation that we run into everyday to help illustrate the importance of jerky texture: Most of our new jerky customers come to us looking for a better product to replace the product they usually eat.  Their current jerky has established some sort of bench mark in their mind about what jerky 'should be'.  Customers who usually eat a hard and dry type of jerky may be very disappointed when they buy one of our soft & tender jerky products.  This can lead to not only a bad experience for our customer but also lead the customer to believe that our soft & tender jerky is "not good" when in fact, it's just not good for someone looking for a very dry and hard jerky.  This is the type of situation we try to avoid.  By properly understanding the different jerky textures, we can more successfully steer our customers to the jerky that suits their needs.  Listed below are the different jerky textures that most all jerky products fall into.  Once you know which texture you prefer (if you have a preference), stick to the products listed here and you will never have jerky-texture-initiated jerky buyers remorse.

Hard & Dry Jerky - This is exactly as it sounds, super tough to chew into and very dry.  Usually this type of jerky "chews" for a long time.  Since it is so dry, it takes a longer time for you to chew it.  As you chew it, you slowly remoisten it with the saliva in your mouth and it eventually starts to break down enough to swallow it.  If you like a Hard & Dry Jerky, check out our selection HERE

Thin & Chewy - HERE

Soft & Tender - HERE

I do not have a texture preference, I am open to suggestions of which jerky products to try - If you are not particular to the texture of your jerky and you are open to our suggestions, you should look at our Staff Favorites page.  It is loaded with the products that we go to when we are snacking or want to take with us when we are heading out on a road trip.  Check out our Staff Favorites!