”I absolutely loved these peanuts! They are excellent quality and quantity for the price. I would recommend them…they are definitely delicious.”

- Anthony, Jerky.com Customer

Seasoned Peanuts - Smokehouse Bacon and Cheddar

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Savory super extra-large Virginia Peanuts, handcooked and covered with our smoky bacon and cheddar seasoning.

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We start by taking extra large Virginia peanuts and cooking them in an all-natural peanut oil (what else would we use?!). Then the peanuts are tossed in a mixture of spices and seasonings to give them their unique flavors. Made in small and frequent batches, these peanuts are guaranteed to please.

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Customer Reviews

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Mudge (Winters)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Expected
Heat Level: Mild
Mudge's Thoughts

These smokehouse bacon and cheddar peanuts are awesome. Great flavor and very crunchy.

Todd S. (Fergus Falls)
Texture: Tough
Flavor Description: Expected
Heat Level: Mild
Smokehouse bacon n.cheddar peanuts

The peanuts had a very nice snap when you chewed them. The bacon flavor was there initially but I didn’t taste much cheddar. It was however a nice nut to snack on

Hey there Todd,

Peanuts always make a great snack. We are glad that overall you enjoyed them :)

Are there any other peanut flavors that caught your eye?

Anthony A. (Myrtle Beach)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Bold
Heat Level: Mild
Great Flavor

I have purchased these before and I absolutely loved them they have great flavor that is so addictive. They are excellent quality and quantity for the price.They were sold out for a while and I kept checking on a weekly basis on till they were back in stock. I ordered 2 this time so in case they were sold out again I wouldn't have such a wait until they are back in stock. I would recommend this Smoke House Cheddar and Bacon flavor they are definitely Delicious.

Donald P. (Philadelphia)
Texture: Soft
Flavor Description: Bold
Heat Level: Mild
The peanuts where really good this is a product I would buy again.

Bbq beef jerky was awsome!