Nutella Bacon Jerky Recipe

Nutella Bacon Jerky Recipe: A Tasty Bacon-y Adventure with's Test Kitchen

Hey, all you jerky fanatics! Today in the Test Kitchen we are diving into a unique, super tasty jerky recipe that you'll love with this Nutella Bacon Jerky Recipe. We're using just a handful of ingredients along with thick-cut bacon to create an amazing, chocolatey, and salty delight that will blow your taste buds away. So, let's get cookin' (jerky-ing?)!


  • 2 lbs of the best thick-cut bacon you can find
  • 1 cup Nutella
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup water


First up, we need to whip up our Nutella marinade. I'm going to use my trusty Thermomix for this one...but you can use any mixing device you have...even if it's just your hand and a bowl! Just toss in the Nutella, brown sugar, soy sauce, and water. The soy sauce and water help thin things out and make the marinade a better performing carrier agent since Nutella's pretty thick...especially with the brown sugar. Aim for a consistency that's not too thick, not too soupy—just right. Like the baby bear in Goldilocks.

Now let's talk bacon! We're using Wright's thick-cut bacon, which, in my opinion, is top-notch. If you think there's a better bacon out there, let me know in the comments. For this recipe, we need about 2 lbs of bacon. Slice that bacon in half—trust me, this makes mixing and marinating so much easier.

Peel apart the bacon slices and make sure they're separated. Take an extra minute or two to get theem all peeled apart—this ensures everything gets thoroughly and properly mixed.

Pour that Nutella marinade right over the bacon, and then let's get messy! Mix it up real good, making sure every piece of bacon gets coated with that sweet, sweet marinade. Remember, making awesome jerky is all about consistency—in the slices and the flavor. Do not half-ass this step!

Once your bacon's well-coated, seal the container tight and toss it in the fridge for 24 to 48 hours. The longer it marinates, the more that flavor soaks in, and the tastier it gets!

After marinating, take the bacon out of the fridge. You'll see why slicing the bacon in half was important—it keeps the bacon from tangling together, making the traying process a breeze.

Lay the bacon slices on your dehydrator trays. The amount of Rack space you need depends on your meat cut, but with bacon, you'll probably end up using about five trays for 2 lbs.

Fire up your dehydrator, setting it to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Start checking it after about 5 hours. You can expect the runtime to be between 5 and 6 hours for this recipe. But watch it and pull it out at your desired texture.

Once your Nutella bacon jerky is done, let it cool down. It might have an oily texture on the surface, but that's normal. The final product will taste like Cocoa Pebbles, but with that salty bacon flavor! So good!

Honestly, this Nutella bacon jerky is crazy good and super easy to make. If you're looking to try something new or if you're into sweet flavor profiles, give this recipe a go. If you're gonna make this or if you enjoyed this blog post, please like and subscribe to our channel. And if you have any wild jerky flavor ideas, leave 'em in the comments. Who knows? Maybe we'll make your flavor in our next recipe. Catch you next time in the Test Kitchen!

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