My inspiration comes from the fact that I have always loved smoked paprika as an ingredient with my Mexican style chicken. The way smoked paprika pairs with cumin, onion, and garlic started my mind wondering. I started wondering how these spices would pair with ground pork and then began looking through my spices and found the habanero tajin. Hmm I thought, what about a sweet n tart flavor combo 🤔. I began playing with flavor combo s and it lead me to realize none has done a chorizo jerky (as far as I knew but I don’t know much!!!). So out of my trial and error, this exciting new flavor combination was born! Here is what I used and the amounts. Dave’s Honey Paprika Chorizo Lime jerky sticks Sprinkle about 2tsp smoked paprika on right before and a touch 1 tsp after dehydrating