Build Your Own Jerky Assortment - Mix and Match!
build your own jerky assortment

Build Your Own Jerky Assortment

Finally, a jerky assortment you can customize from top to bottom. Because nobody knows what you like more than you.

The process is easy. Select which assortment types you want and choose a bag size (regular or Man Size). Remember that you can mix and match any assortment to achieve the jerky sampler that fits your taste buds. Over 20 varieties in all to choose from.

For the best value go with the Man Size options!

  • Mix and Match Anything
  • Awesome Gift Idea
  • Features the All-Natural Brand


Beef Jerky Assortment
Beef Brisket Jerky Assortment
Turkey Jerky Assortment
Pork Jerky
Exotic Jerky Assortment
Fish Jerky
Pineapple Jerky
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You may return your unopened* product for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date.


Price Match
Rest assured that you're getting the lowest price with our price match guarantee.

Product Description
*All gifts and variety combos are open to our Substitution Policy (click for details)

Assortments MAY include any of the following meat types and flavors.

Beef Jerky Assortment:
Original Beef Jerky
Black Pepper Beef Jerky
Teriyaki Beef Jerky
Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky
Hot Beef Jerky
Habanero Beef Jerky

Brisket Beef Jerky Assortment:
Honey Teriyaki Brisket Style Beef Jerky
Sweet and Spicy Brisket Style Beef Jerky

Turkey Jerky Assortment:
Original Turkey Jerky
Black Pepper Turkey Jerky
Teriyaki Turkey Jerky

Pork Jerky:
Barbecue Pork Jerky
Maple Pork Jerky

Bacon Jerky Assortment:
Original Maple Bacon Jerky
Southern Bourbon Bacon Jerky

Exotic Jerky Assortment:
Venison Jerky
Kangaroo Jerky
Buffalo Jerky
Elk Jerky
Alpaca Jerky
Wild Boar Jerky

Pineapple Jerky:
Pineapple Jerky (dehydrated, all-natural fruit snack)

Fish Jerky Assortment:
Salmon Jerky
Rainbow Trout Jerky
Ahi Tuna Jerky

Product Reviews

1.5 on 5 Stars

I purchased the exotic jerky 6 pack assortment as a Christmas gift. Be aware of the *substitution policy. Kangaroo jerky was one of the main reasons I went with this company's exotic variety pack and they did not deliver. I received 2 elks instead. Its my own fault for not reading closely enough about the companies *substitution policy and product description, but I am definitely disappointed that kangaroo jerky was not sent/available. For anyone ordering jerky I strongly recommend you call/email to confirm availability, or go with another company.
My rating is solely based on my ordering experience. I have not tasted the jerky and cannot rate the quality.

5.0 on 5 Stars

Every year the days tick by and we get closer and closer to Halloween. For most this is a time for dressing up in costume and gorging on candy. However in my family we celebrate for a different reason, my fathers birthday. The funny thing about parents is they always have everything they need because they've had so many years to obtain it so I'm left to search the dark shadowy corners of websites such as and google "gifts for dad." Then I found and I was thrilled, finally something he didn't have. And the selection was amazing! My dad could now have jerky made from animals that he has only seen in the zoo! So I bought a sample pack for him and he loved it. His favorite so far was the bison jerky. I guess I know what someone is getting in their stocking this year!

5.0 on 5 Stars

Everything was great.their customer service is awesome and they do a great ob welcoming you..i will biy again...oan deliver was good also

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