Jerky Buying Guide - Find the Right Jerky for You
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Jerky Buying Guide

We aren't interested in just selling you products...we want to help you find products you love.  The more informed we can make you on our products, the higher the chances you'll find the perfect products for your preferences.  While most of our products will satisfy most of our customers...there are a few of our customers that have very specific tastes and we want to identify them for you, in an effort to steer you into the right products. If you have specific tastes, here are the most important questions that need answered to ensure you are matched up with the right products.

Jerky Styles - What style of jerky is best for you?

There are many different types of jerky products.  Most of our products will appeal to most of our customers. For Jerky lovers who are particular about a specific style of jerky, most of them fall in to one of 3 different styles: Traditional, Soft & Tender, and Meat Sticks. Each of these types of jerky are very different from the others.

Traditional Style Jerky - This is usually for the jerky lover who likes old-fashioned, dig-your-teeth-into-it-and-rip kind of jerky. Traditional Style Jerky is a drier, tougher-to-chew jerky due to its extremely low moisture content.  It is frequently thin although there are some thicker-cut traditionally styled jerky products on the market.  This is the kind of jerky that puts your jaw to work!  Traditional Style Jerky is an old school type of product and it most frequently comes in no-frill, classic flavors. Traditional Style Jerky is the polar opposite of Soft & Tender Jerky. Search here for all of our Traditional Style Jerky products.

Soft & Tender Jerky - This is usually for the jerky lover who specifically doesn't like Traditional Style Jerky because it is dry and tougher to chew. Soft & Tender Jerky is a style that has become widely popular in recent years. As the name implies, it is softer and more tender than Traditional Style Jerky because it has a higher moisture content. Many of the mass-produced stuff available in big grocery chains and convenience stores are often of the Soft & Tender Style.  Since this is the most widely distributed style (in volume), it's not a surprise that many jerky fans identify with this type of jerky. Click here to see all of our Soft & Tender Jerky products.

Meat Sticks - When asked what Jerky is, some of our customers immediately think of a Meat Stick. While Meat Sticks and Jerky are in the same family (The family of Meat Snacks), Meat Sticks and Jerky are two totally different products. The process, ingredients and end result are totally different.  Jerky is, in it's simplest form, dehydrated meat...sliced meat with the moisture removed.  It's basically a dried steak (for all intensive purposes). Meat Sticks are made by grinding up meat and stuffing them into casings and then cooked or smoked. The cuts used are generally lower quality than the cuts used to make whole muscle jerky and they can have "fillers" mixed in such as Pork...or in some instances "Mechanically Separated Chicken Parts"! Can you believe that?!  Now, there are SOME meat sticks made without fillers...but they are far and few between (All of the Meat Sticks on have NO fillers!). Because of how Meat Sticks are made and the quality of ingredients, Meat Sticks have a much lower cost-per-ounce than Jerky.  If you are looking for Meat Sticks...start looking.HERE.

Special Dietary Needs - Looking for Jerky without specific ingredients?

We have many different types of Jerky Enthusiasts who are looking for products that fit their specific dietary needs.  We are always working to expand this selection of products.

No Sugar Products- Diabetics, Athletes, and just people who want to reduce their sugar intake are interested in products with no sugar in them. HERE is a listing of all of our No Sugar Products.

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