World Famous Deep Fried Peanuts - (Official Site) has a new twist on an old favorite. We deep fry the entire peanut in the shell so you can eat it shell & all! The result is a crispy, crunchy, SUPER-addictive snack. Now with $2.95 flat rate ship - Page 2
2.95 flat rate shipping.
deep fried peanuts
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Eat Them Shell & All!
Exclusive Product!

Deep Fried Peanuts


A truly unique snack food, these whole peanuts are deep-fried so there's no need for peeling or shelling. You can eat 'em shell & all! Crunchy, deep fried, and easy to eat. You'll go nuts for these - sorry, we couldn't resist!

  • Eat 'Em Shell and All!
  • Nutrient-Rich Whole Peanuts
  • Deep-Fried in 100% Soybean Oil
  • Made in the USA
Servings per Unit 10
Size 10 oz.
Snack Type Deep Fried Peanuts
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Product Description
Looking for something salty, crunchy, and insanely delicious? Look no further - our deep fried in-shell peanuts have it all. Every batch is made with pride in the USA using all natural ingredients. Nutrient-loaded whole peanuts, still in their shells, are deep fried in soybean oil and seasoned to perfection. Our whole deep-fried peanuts can be eaten just as they are - shell and all! Absolutely no shelling, peeling, or cracking involved. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more unique and delicious snack than this without a trip to the fair.

Product Reviews

5.0 on 5 Stars

Excellent product. The peanuts had just the right amount of seasoning, were easy to shell and eating the shell was also safe if desired. Would definitely order again and am looking into other products sold!

5.0 on 5 Stars

I ordered these peanuts on a whim for my father for Christmas and I have to say by far my 100% honest review these are the best peanut I've ever had. Of course you think eating the shell would be weird right? but god no these are delicious! So much flavor (salted & garlic ones). I would order them over and over again by far they are amazing. Great company, great customer service and overall great taste! Would totally recommend. Thank you Jerky Team!

5.0 on 5 Stars

They were great! Would definitely order them again!

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