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Since you've entered the That Dude Can Cook Jerky Giveaway, here's a special offer on the 4 exclusive flavors that Sonny has helped us cook up.


*Orders placed containing a bundle of That Dude Can Cook Beef Jerky will not be shipped until after the official drop on July 14th.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
John V. (Brooklyn)
Texture: Very Tough
Flavor Description: Very Subtle
Heat Level: Mild
Love sonny but jerky wasn’t great

Quick delivery and fast customer service. Jerky just wasn’t for me. Very tough and hard to chew.

Martin R. (Sunnyvale)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Bold
Heat Level: Mild
3 out of 4

The Chipotle adobo was the best with a great balance of sweet and savory and a mild heat. Black truffle was great as well and full umaminess. Sgt. Gilbert was a pretty basic black pepper jerky and quite tough. Rosemary salt was too salty and inedible.

Texture: 4
Flavor Description: 4
Heat Level: 1
Black Truffle Sea Salt ROCKS!!!

Simply awesome!

Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Bold
Heat Level: Medium
Two out of Four ain't bad...

I have now tried all four flavors. Sgt. Gilbert's Black Pepper Jerky is amazing! Second favorite is Rosemary Salt. The other two flavors don't really compare, but they're still good. Thanks Sonny!

SETH L. (Bartlett)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Expected
Heat Level: Medium
Pepper was my favorite

Overall, good flavors, and the Sargent pepper and truffle were my favorites. I would some more if I could buy specific ones.