Test Kitchen Batch #3 - Chile Limón Beef Jerky - ROUND 2

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Customer Reviews

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Todd S. (Kittanning)
Texture: 2
Flavor Description: 4
Chile Limon v 2

I thought this redo of Chile Limon was sooo much better. The Chile was made with a stronger hit while maintaining the Limon taste. Well done

Rhonda T. (Huntington)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Bold
Heat Level: Medium
Lemon pepper

I didn't really know what to expect but this is really good! Love it, like mine a little less dry, but it is jerky. Great job on the revisions the flavors are right on!

Ron K. (Norman)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Bold
Heat Level: Hot

This was fantastic. Makes me sad I only bought 1 pouch. I wasn't sure about how "lemony" jerky would pan out. But was I surprised. It was perfect! The texture was just right, firm but not tree bark. And the taste! Much like fired steak. Good heat level for me and the lemon was just enough to accentuate the Chile and produce a very nice taste note. This will be one of my favorites if put into the rotation. Well done.

Frank P.F. (Bethpage)
Texture: Tough
Flavor Description: Expected
Heat Level: Hot
Chile limon Frost family review

Me A little to hot but good flavor
#1 son tough and spicy
The wife To tough very spicy
#2 Son liked it but a little to tough

Michael C. (Dorchester)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Bold
Heat Level: Very Hot
Chile lemon beef jerky

It has a very good taste. A little too hot. It isn't too hot to eat. I just happen to like it a little milder