”Great meat sticks! The texture was good, a little bite but not tough. I will re-order.”

- Thomas, Jerky.com Customer

Country Style Snack Stick Variety Pack - 8 Pieces

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Whether you're looking for a heart protein snack, you're curious about meat sticks, or you're needing some variety without hurting your wallet, you've found the right product. Our country style snack sticks have a great texture and even greater flavor, these are perfect for casual snacking or as a fun gift idea. Try the 16 piece assortment if you're feeling super adventurous.

  • ONLY THE BEST INGREDIENTS: The Stick Variety Pack uses only the best cuts of pork and seasoned with tried-and-true blends of spices and seasonings to make these best-selling snack sticks
  • GOOD FOR YOU: Our Snack Stick Selection is a perfect blend of high quality ingredients making for a healthier alternative to snacking. These sticks contain zero trans fats and feature low carbs while boasting high protein and being only 70 calories per stick!
  • MADE IN THE USA - Our snack sticks are proudly made in the USA (believe it or not ...not all of the other snack sticks on the market are!) under the inspection of the USDA in state-of-the-art facilities. When it comes to jerky and snack sticks...always insist on US made snacks!
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 - Try 8 different flavors and find your new favorite snack!

Includes these best-selling flavors: Original Smoked Hickory, Bold Teriyaki, Sweet BBQ, Sweet Annie Brown, Hot Cajun, Pepperoni, Chili Cheese, and Ghost Fire!

16 PIECES - Try a ton of different flavors bundled in a 16 piece combo and find your new favorite snack!

Includes these best-selling flavors: Original Smoked Hickory, Bold Teriyaki, Sweet BBQ, Sweet Annie Brown, Hot Cajun, Pepperoni, Chili Cheese, Ghost Fire, Country Delight, Hot BBQ, Sunrise Stick, Sweet Maple Bacon, Old #9 (one stick of each of 13 flavors and two sticks of Chili Cheese, Pepperoni, and Ghost Fire)!

Sweet BBQ
Our all-time best selling flavor. Blended with award-winning BBQ seasonings and sweetened with fresh-milled brown sugar. Smoked and cooked to perfection making it lip-smacking good. A sweet, tangy, &
smokey favorite.

Sweet Annie Brown
Another favorite, made with real honey and brown sugar. Savor the flavor with this delectable snack. Arguably the best snack stick in the world!

Country Delight
Smoked for 18 hours like all our sticks this classic flavor includes real sharp cheddar cheese with a smoked ham taste that you can never get enough of.

Hot Cajun
To truly be called Cajun you need three different peppers. White, black and red blended and seasoned to send your taste buds deep into the bayou. A favorite for the connoisseur who enjoys extra spice in their life.

We start with our award-winning BBQ stick. Then we kick it up with hot red pepper to make a taste that starts out sweet and ends with heat!

Bold Teriyaki
This is an orange mandarin teriyaki flavor that will cause our competitors many sleepless nights. A sweet Asian teriyaki fusion with a hint of smokey citrus. Mouthwatering!

Sweet Maple Bacon
With an aroma like maple syrup and bacon. Real bacon and maple is the secret, it takes only one bite to fall in love.

Old #9
Picture a steak marinated in a sweet bourbon peppercorn sauce. This was our vision for this snack stick and today it's a reality! After 9 tries at this formula, it seemed only right to name her Old #9.

In the world of Pepperoni, you are either good or bad. Be prepared, ours tastes incredible!

Ghost Fire
For years folks would debate whether or not our Volcano flavor is hotter than the Cajun style? Well, this new entry will put an end to the "which is hotter debate" It is by far the hottest snack stick we have ever crafted ... Brave souls will come out of the woodwork for a challenging snack like Ghost Fire! It has a habanero based seasoning, but we added an extra kick with Bhut Jolokia pepper or better known as the "Ghost Pepper". This exotic pepper is among the hottest on the planet and is sure to satisfy the toughest connoisseurs.

Original Smoked Hickory
We needed a solid, old school hickory snack stick. I’d like to say we invented this one like all our other flavors but alas, it was perfected by a team of seasoning blenders who then proceeded to win awards in taste competitions on the world stage. Enjoy world-class taste in this mild, rich, and hickory flavored smoked to perfection snack stick.

Sunrise Stick!
Start the day off right with our new Sunrise stick made with the very best traditional breakfast sausage blends. This snack stick puts you in mind of a hearty Sunday morning breakfast!

Chili Cheese
Chili and cheese and spice - OH MY! Mild, peppery chili... savory spices... smooth, melted cheddar cheese. Simmered, slow-cooked, mouth-watering goodness. If this were a chili cook-off, then this one would be the blue ribbon winner! One won't be enough!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Stephen M.D. (New York)

Country Style Snack Stick Variety Pack - 8 Pieces

Hey Stephen,

Great choice on the meat stocks and we are so glad to hear that you loved them. Did you have a favorite stick? If you haven't already, we have several other meat stick assortments including our Extra Mile Gift bag that offers a huge variety of flavors :)

Ralph W. (Denver)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Expected
Heat Level: Very Hot

The sticks were good and had a good taste. The hot ones were too spicy for me so I gave them away.

Sarah F. (Bethesda)
Texture: Soft
Flavor Description: Subtle
Heat Level: Mild

Country Style Snack Stick Variety Pack - 8 Pieces

Warren B. (Phoenix)
Texture: Very Soft
Flavor Description: Expected
Heat Level: Hot
good so far

Just got back from vacation and have not had a chance to sample it all but so far everything I've tried has been great, I love spicy jerky but not to the point it hurts to eat it!

TROY D. (Omaha)
Texture: Average
Flavor Description: Very Subtle
Heat Level: Medium
Beef sticks

Great product with very good taste and texture