We've been mastering the art of gift packages since 2008 so we understand the timeliness of your gift. Whether it's a birthday in August, an anniversary in October, or a Christmas gift in December, we can help time the delivery of your package to your loved one's doorstep with our "Ship it later" feature.

For example, you can now order your Christmas gifts in November and have them shipped out closer to Christmas. How cool and convenient is that?

Simply look for the checkbox that says "Ship at a late date" in the checkout process, right below the gift message field. This tells us when you'd prefer us to ship your package out. We can't guarantee a delivery date, but we do have control over when we ship your delicious package to better time the delivery of it!

***below is an example of a Christmas order scheduled to ship on December 10th.***

Still need assistance or want a further explanation? Contact one of our gift experts and we'll step you through the process.