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Here is our example structure of questions to walk through. The closer to this you can stick to, the better. It provides a format and style that makes it easy for our customers to follow.

Please tell us your name and some background about yourself as a Jerky Lover.
Before discovering, what was your process for buying jerky?
What was the worst part about getting jerky that way?

The Problem:
What led you to look for a "better way" for finding their new favorite jerky?
Why did you decide to try
What got you off the fence about making a purchase?

The Solution:
How did Jerky help you with finding your new favorite jerky?
How did help you save time, money and / or avoid effort?

The Result:
What specific results did you get with
What went well or better than expected during the process of using the Jerky?
What would you say to another Jerky Lover who is "stuck" in the process, or who hasn't even gotten started yet finding their new favorite jerky?
What is your advice to others who might be considering our Jerky?
Would you recommend the Jerky to a friend or colleague?

See? Pretty straight forward, right? Nothing to it!

Now, get that phone out and let's get to it! 😊

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