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Are you looking for something a little more "custom"? Look no more. With our Build Your Own Snack Stack, you can put together the perfect combination of snacks to appeal perfectly to your recipient's tastes while also appealing to your budget. Build a Snack Stack as small or as large as you want! All of our Assortments have been carefully selected and assembled by our snack experts so you can rest assured you can't go wrong here. Start building your Snack Stack NOW!

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Assortments are selections of our best selling products of a particular product type. Each Assortment has been hand-assembled by our buyers based on popularity with our customers and popular price points. We want to give you a break down of what each of our Assortments are.

Gourmet Jerky Assortments - Who doesn't love jerky, right? I do, you should, your gift recipient probably does. Let's be honest, it's one of the best snack foods on Earth. Well, fortunately for everyone involved, we have some of THE best jerky available. Period. Here is what is in each assortment:

Small - 5 best selling flavors of Beef Jerky
Medium - 10 best selling flavors of Beef Jerky
Large - 15 best selling flavors of Beef Jerky

Licorice Assortments - Licorice is an old-fashioned candy that any man can get away with eating. I mean...sure, Skittles are good and all...but walking around with a bag of Skittles in your hand is one and a half step up from sitting at the bar sipping on a fruity, colorful drink with an umbrella sticking out of it. Am I right? I am. Our Licorice is made the old-fashioned way...but we added some new flavors to the classic treat, including Root Beer, Grape, Green Apple, Peach, Cherry, Blue Raspberry and more! Our Licorice Assortments are sure to satisfy any man with a sweet tooth. Here are the available Licorice Assortments:

Small - 3 of our best selling flavors of Old-Fashioned Licorice
Medium - 6 of our best selling flavors of Old-Fashioned Licorice
Large - 12 different flavors of our Old-Fashioned Licorice

Pretzel Assortments - If pretzels aren't a manly snack...we don't know what is. Pretzels go hand-in-hand with beer, football games and pretty much anything alcohol and sports related. We have 6 flavors of Gourmet Pretzels that are packaged in 6 oz. resealable bags and made in small batches in 6 unique flavors (well...5 'unique' flavors and our own Original flavor) that will liven up the life of any pretzel lover. Our flavors are Original, Chili, Bean & Cheese, Fiesta, Garlic Inferno and Cinnamon & Sugar. Here are the available Gourmet Pretzel Assortments:

Small - 3 of our best selling flavors of Gourmet Pretzels
Medium - 6 different flavors of our Gourmet Pretzels

Deep Fried Peanuts Assortments - How do you take an all-natural, wholesome snack and make it even better? Easy. Deep Fry it! Our Deep Fried Peanuts have been designed to eat them SHELL & ALL! That's right, just pop the whole thing in your mouth and crunch your way through the shell and the nuts at the same time for a new take on an old classic. These are a unique treat for any peanut lover. Our Deep Fried Peanuts Assortments are available in two sizes:

Small - 3 flavors of our Deep Fried Peanuts
Medium - this is a "Double the Snacks" version of the small assortment, 6 bags total

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