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Title (clickable link) : Beef Jerky
Description: The widest selection of U.S made beef jerky and meat snacks to fit every budget. is an awesome organization that delivers care packages to the men and women who sacrifice everything to keep our country safe and free. They also offer easy ways for anybody to support our troops. Please spread the word about them and let's help them reach more soldiers!

While has you covered for all your beef jerky needs, you may be looking for other local options. Homeland grocery stores are conveniently located around the state and work with local meat suppliers to offer choice meats that only a local Oklahoma deli can provide. Whether you're cooking out for a tailgate or just having some friends over, make sure you find the highest grade American Angus beef for the best taste.

For those of you who love to experiment in the kitchen and enjoy creating your own unique flavors of jerky, we have the perfect site for you. Beef Jerky Recipes is a FREE online database of the best jerky recipes in the world. Here you can search 100's of Jerky Recipes by: Meat Type, Flavor, and Cooking Method. Users can also rate recipes, submit their own, contribute to great forums and receive great up-to-date content about everything jerky related. This site is highly recommended for jerky enthusiasts.

Designed to educate and motivate people towards a lifetime of weight control, Calorie King is a science-based food site that helps to break down the Beef Jerky Nutritional Information. This source is easy to understand, very accurate, and a great way to inform yourself about the nutritional benefits of beef jerky per serving size.

To help educate you on the dehydration process of jerky and to get a crash-course on how it's made then check out this page provided by the good folks at The University of Georgia. This National Center for Home Food Preservation provides detailed information on the entire jerky process as well as safety information and tips that we find to be very helpful.

This easy-to-follow 8-step process on How to Make Beef Jerky comes complete with great information and images to help diagram the jerky making process using a food dehydrator. Courtesy of Wiki How, these step-by-step instructions promise to be exactly what you're looking.

The United States Department of Agriculture Fact Sheets page provides a detailed listing on the Food Safety of Jerky. Here you will find information regarding the cook time and temperature, any health related concerns relating to jerky, and the U.S.D.A's recommendations for a sanitary cooking environment.

Washington State University provides food safety information guidelines for Making Meat Jerky. This is a great source of information about the different meat types used to make jerky, the preparation process involved and the storing of the finished product.

Because promotes a healthy lifestyle as well as great tasting snacks, we recommend visiting Diabetic Recipes for some great recipe ideas.

Join one of these Fishing Forums and share some stories, tips, or general advice with this great community of anglers. You'll surely learn a few tricks and probable run into some fellow jerky lovers along the way.

This social network is the epitome of Fishing enthusiasts and outdoorsmen alike. With up-to-date fishing reports, fresh video content, event notifications, and all around good people, this is the community you're going to want to be a part of.

Experience wildlife like never before with tales of a hunter and fisherman at Fred's Hunting and Fishing Blog. Join the many readers who are as passionate about the outdoors as you are.

For those of you with a hunger for jerky as well as live action excitement, Real Action Paintball is the place for you. As a manufacturer and distributor of military, law enforcement, and gaming equipment, they really know how to take fun to the next level. So pick up some meat snacks, a paintball kit, and hit the field ready for some all day action.

Fig & Cherry is a great site for recipe ideas, food styling, and general food related articles. Because of the keen eye for great food products and creative writing style that Christie uses, trusts Fig & Cherry to do unbiased product reviews of some of our more unique products. Be sure to check them out if you are a foodie!

The Boy Scout Trail is a site that is focused on bringing useful resources and information together to help the leaders of Scout programs be successful. Whether you are looking for info on Cub Scouts or the Boy Scouts, there is a ton of great info available. From activities and projects to awards and ceremonies and everything in between, you will be sure to find what you are looking for. If you participate (or are thinking of participating in the Scouts) in one way, shape, or should do yourself a favor and check them out.

Being an Oklahoma City based company, enthusiastically supports the Oklahoma City Thunder. Thunder up! Shout out to Kevin Durant.

You don't need a fancy e-reader to get great electronic books. is an eBook Directory that has a great selection of free ebooks! We have our Free Beef Jerky Recipes eBook listed check it out for THAT, if for nothing else! :)

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