Buffalo Bills Western Cut Beef Jerky - 5 flavors!
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Western Cut Traditional Style Beef Jerky
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Traditional Style

Western Cut Traditional Style Beef Jerky

by Buffalo Bills

Delicious from start to finish. Each piece is a throwback to the way jerky use to be prepared, with a more traditional texture than the Country Cut, yet tons of flavor absorbed into each slice. These will NOT disappoint!

  • This is a Traditional Style Jerky (What’s that mean?)
  • Available in 5 FLAVORS
  • Low Carb! (excluding teriyaki)
  • 100% USDA Approved Beef
  • Consider the Man Size for maximum value!
Jerky Type Beef Jerky
Brand Buffalo Bills
Size 3 oz.
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Product Description
A true Western-style beef jerky! Thinly sliced and very tender. Cut into bite-size pieces and packed in a resealable gold & silver foil pouch. Available in 5 fantastic flavors which their Teriyaki flavor was chosen as one of the Top 4 Beef Jerkys in the USA by Backpacker Magazine!

Product Reviews

3.0 on 5 Stars

for my personal tastes i prefer a tough, thin piece of jerky youve really got to chew on. on a scale of 1-5, 5 being what i mentioned liking the best and 1 being say a soft processed type of jerky i would put this at a 3. it was about mid way between the 2 end of the scale. favor was decent but reminded me more of those jack link type jerkies. it certainly wasnt bad just not my ideal jerky.

4.5 on 5 Stars

This one had great flavor

4.0 on 5 Stars

Nice flavor but a bit too soft. The Western Cut Slabs are the best if your looking to "work" a little harder when consuming your jerky. All jerky I have tried from Jerky.com has had great flavor and is quality meat.

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