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honey teriyaki soft and tender brisket style beef jerky
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Soft & Tender

Soft and Tender Style Beef Jerky


Different strokes for different folks, right?? This is easy to chew because we just don't want you to have to work that hard. Available in 3 great flavors: Honey Teriyaki, Raspberry Jalapeno, and Sweet & Spicy. Surely, there is at least one in there that you love. Try our Soft and Tender Style Jerky today! Looking to stock up on your favorite flavor? Check out our Soft & Tender Beef Jerky Multi-Packs to stock up and save!

Jerky Type Beef Jerky
Size 3 oz.

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Product Description

Our Soft and Tender Style Beef Jerky is a true fan favorite with those that prefer an easier chew and a slightly thicker cut of jerky. Although each chewy bite is tenderized to perfection, it still maintains the integrity of a high-quality jerky. We feel that our Soft and Tender Style Jerky is the ideal balance of tender meaty goodness and flavor-packed marinade. Quite frankly, it's one of our proudest jerky achievements to date!

Available Flavors:

Honey Teriyaki - We took our famous Teriyaki recipe and added a touch of honey to make this new take on an Asian inspired favorite.

Raspberry Jalapeno - This flavor profile blends the flavor and subtle heat of jalapeno peppers with the sweet, fruity accents of Raspberries. It's a good blend of complementary flavors. Try it!

Sweet & Spicy - This is our classic Sweet & Spicy recipe on the soft & tender Brisket Style Jerky. This is a 5-6 on the Heat Scale.

Product Reviews

4.5 on 5 Stars

I ordered the sweet & spicy because the orginal was so good. The sweet and spicy is excellent. Just enough bite at the end but not too much. You really know how to make jerky.

5.0 on 5 Stars

Our first experience and we all enjoyed it. Good flavor. Easy to eat. We'll be back!

5.0 on 5 Stars

Very tasty, soft and easy to eat. Prompt delivery. I will order this again!

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