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Sasquatch Jerky


The search is over! Its time to taste why brand Sasquatch Jerky is #1. Our hand-sliced strips of rare, 100% premium choice Sasquatch meat are seasoned and marinated with the finest of all-natural ingredients to create a savory flavor which will satisfy your taste buds every time.

  • Made from 100% Sasquatch meat
  • Low in calories, high in protein
  • No added preservatives or MSG
  • 8 oz. bag
Out of Stock
Jerky Type Sasquatch Jerky
Flavor Original
Size 8 oz.
Servings per Unit 8

Product Reviews

0.0 on 5 Stars

Dont listen to them. It does not taste like chicken. I've eaten many apes in my days living in the Congo, and I'm quite an expert on ape jerky, and thats what the Sasquatch jerky tastes like. Maybe more like a combination of Bonobo, and lowland Gorilla.

And by the way, their not out of stock, they just dont want to share. :-)

5.0 on 5 Stars

It tastes like chicken

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