Meat Stick Lovers Gift Box
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Meat Stick Lovers Gift Box

The very best in meat sticks all in one great package. This signature branded wooden crate comes full with beef, ham, sausage and venison sticks! Everything needed to complete the perfect meat stick sampler. Great gift idea for those who aren't as fond of jerky as most are.

  • - Extra Mile Gift Bag - Qty:1
  • - Smokehouse Beef Sticks - Qty:1
  • Buffalo Bills - Big Venison Ole Smokies - Qty:1
  • - Hand Built Wooden Crate - Qty:1


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4.0 on 5 Stars

The craftsmanship of this manly gift basket was spot on. The cedar smelled terrific by the way. My favorite were the smokey beef sticks, those things were like gold.

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