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This is the COMPLETE jerky sampler of every jerky flavor and type of our World Famous brand Gourmet Jerky! This combo has one bag of almost every flavor and type of jerky that makes all in one nice package. Finally, you can get everything including Beef, Turkey, Pork, Venison, Buffalo, Elk, Wild Boar, Kangaroo, Pineapple and Bacon (and the seasonal products when they are in stock - current price reflects current selection). See below for current selection.

  • 19 different kinds of jerky!
  • The widest selection of gourmet jerky in one combo
  • AWESOME gift idea
  • 3 oz. Original Beef Jerky
  • 3 oz. Teriyaki Beef Jerky
  • 3 oz. Black Pepper Beef Jerky
  • 3 oz. Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky
  • 3 oz. Hot Beef Jerky
  • 3 oz. Sweet & Spicy Brisket Style Beef Jerky
  • 3 oz. Honey Teriyaki Brisket Style Beef Jerky
  • 3 oz. Original Turkey Jerky
  • 3 oz. Teriyaki Turkey Jerky
  • 3 oz. Black Pepper Turkey Jerky
  • 3 oz. Maple Pork Jerky
  • 2 oz. Black Pepper Venison Jerky
  • 2 oz. Black Pepper Buffalo Jerky
  • 2 oz. Hot Buffalo Jerky
  • 2 oz. Original Elk Jerky
  • 2 oz. Original Wild Boar Jerky
  • 2 oz. Original Kangaroo Jerky
  • 2 oz. Original Maple Bacon Jerky
  • 2 oz. Southern Bourbon Bacon Jerky
  • 2 oz. Pineapple Jerky


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Over the years, we have had SOOOOO many requests like "do you have a combo package with one of everything?" took us long enough, but we finally realized that we needed to put a package together to meet this need. We can be slow, but eventually we come around! The Complete Jerky Sampler comes with one bag of each of our brand of World Famous Jerky. Some products are seasonal (like alligator jerky and ostrich jerky, for example) and they will be added when they are available. This list is the most current products that are included in this sampler (the price is current to match the selection, too).

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All of the jerky was good. Fast shipping. Will be back.

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