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Soft and Tender Style Beef Jerky
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Soft & Tender
Best Seller!

Soft and Tender Style Beef Jerky

by Bricktown Jerky

Our Bricktown Jerky brand Soft & Tender Beef Jerky has been designed for the people who like their jerky moist and easy-to-chew! Perfect for snacking on the go or for trying out all of the flavors. Try all of the flavors today and find your favorites!

Jerky Type Beef Jerky
Brand Bricktown Jerky
Size 3 oz.
Servings per Unit 3
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Product Description
Made with whole muscle beef and seasoned to perfection, this is gourmet quality jerky at gas station pricing!

Product Reviews

5.0 on 5 Stars

I enjoyed this..nice and soft and just enough spicy flavor. Would definitely recommend.

4.5 on 5 Stars

The soft & tender jerky certainly lives up to its name! The honey pepper flavor is my favorite so far (though I haven't tried all of them). The Hot Habanero also lives up to its name (I'm sensing a pattern here)... definitely not for the faint of heart! The flavor of it seemed a bit odd, but it was decent, and edible in small portions at a time. Now, off to try other flavors! Citrus Fusion, here I come!

5.0 on 5 Stars

I love this jerky! I tried the Wild Boar and Soft & Tender Spicy and both were amazing. I love the fact that it's not made with natural flavor and spices, not chemicals. I don't alway buy jerky, but when I do, I prefer

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