All Natural Pineapple Jerky
All Natural Pineapple Jerky
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Exclusive Product!

All Natural Pineapple Jerky


A healthy, one-of-a-kind gourmet snack. Hand-sliced pieces of pineapple are dehydrated and drizzled with honey, creating a sweet and tangy taste that will keep you coming back for more.

  • 100% All Natural Fruit Snack
  • Healthy Snack!
  • 2 Ingredients: Pineapple and Honey!
Jerky Type Pineapple Jerky
Size 2 oz.
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Product Description
All the stories are true, this is the one product that pleases everyone. It's all-natural, a healthy pick and free of any additives. 100% fresh pineapple hand-dipped in a natural honey glaze and dehydrated to perfection. The perfect compliment to any snack!

Product Reviews

5.0 on 5 Stars

Love this and love the fact that honey is used to sweeten it versus just sugar or corn syrup. Will definitely repurchase.

5.0 on 5 Stars

This is EXACTLY what i've been searching for....fruit jerky that is tough (but not too tough) & chewy, rather than soft & gummy like the fruit "leather" i've tried. Thin slices, sweet and tart. Nothing but pineapple & honey. Yummy yum yum yum!
I'll definitely order the "WOman size" of 4x the jerky next time.

5.0 on 5 Stars

I had a craving for dehydrated pineapple, and the sugar crusted nonsense at the grocery store wasn't cutting it. This was exactly what I hoped for. Chewy, flavorful, and I rather like that the core is there. It's a nice chewy bonus in the middle.

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